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Excavator solenoid valves utilize electromagnetic force to regulate the flow of hydraulic fluid, ensuring efficient and precise control over hydraulic movements.

How to get high quality and cost-effective solenoid valves at

Average Quality vs Better Quality: Even for the same product, their market prices may vary due to factors such as quality, warehousing and so on. So when choosing the right product, do not only focus on lower price, because there may be differences in product condition and quality. SINOCMP only sells high quality solenoid valves to ensure their reliability and capability.

Make the Most of Shipping Costs: Typically a solenoid valve weighs between 0.2-2.0KG, and all shipping carries have minimum charge standards. So before placing an order, pay attention to the product weight, and never hesitate to consult our customer service team. They will suggest how many to buy to make the most of basic freight charge, and still give a better offer if you’re a bulk buyer.

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