• Preparation

①Implement engine warm-up operation.

②Set the air conditioner switch at OFF.

③Start switch is off, turn off the engine.

Note: please check whether the pull wire is pushed in with the engine emergency stop knob and alarm speed. Under the state of knob pulling out, the engine speed cannot be set correctly. (3)Adjustment

  1. Adjustment




Multi-function display


The motion of the stepper motor


① Choose the switch according to operating model of the meter group, and put the starting switch ON the side, and then leave after 5-10 seconds.






②The starting point of the stepper motor is processed so that it stops at the position corresponding to the throttle knob.






③ Press the buzzer switch of the instrument group for about 5-10 seconds. After the finger is released, the display of "STEP 1" will appear on the multi-function display. It needs to wait until the display

of "STEP 2" is switched out.




④After confirming the display of "STEP2", move to the engine room and adjust the connecting rod to the reference length "Bmm", so that the clearance between the stepping speed regulating block and the engine stop setting screw is"A0.1m ". When the stepper motor is replaced, "STEP 2" is displayed and the connecting rod is inserted.

l B Size: SK200 6L……288- 304 mm



⑤Press the buzzer stopping switch once until the display is switched to "STEP-3".


⑥After confirming the display of "STEP 3", start the engine. At this time, throttle knob position can be anywhere.



⑦Press the buzzer stop switch once and switch to the display of "step-4". The controller once returns to low speed idling from position A of the stepper motor, and then automatically reads the engine speed until idling at high speed.(takes

about 2 minutes)


⑧End of reading. The multi-function display should wait until the switch to "end of adjustment”. After display switching, engine rotation automatically reverts to any initial position on the speed dial.

Note: if the display of the end of adjustment can't appear, it means that the adjustment fails. The starter switch should be OFF to make the adjustment




B Adjustment


⑨After the end of engine adjustment, "end of adjustment" screen is displayed, automatically display "STEP5 adjustment ".The engine can be shifted to idling at high speed. Add the load to the pump again, continue high-speed idling for about 1 minute, and "end of adjustment

Orpm" will appear, end.