157-3198 1573198 Monitor Display Panel for Caterpillar Excavator E320C 312C 322C

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  • Part Type: Monitor Display Panel
  • Conditions: New and programmed
  • Part Number: 157-3198, 1573198
  • Applied Model: Caterpillar 312C 313C 319C 320C 322C 325C 330C, etc.
  • Weight: 1.8kg
  • Product Dimensions: 22*14*18cm
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Brand: SINOCMP
  • Shipping & Delivery: Please see our shipping policy.

Note: Please kindly note that, to ensure our products can arrive to you in a timely manner and in the best condition, a part number or the machine model needs to be checked and confirmed before buying.


Will this 320c 157-3198 Monitor fit my machine?

Yes. 320c 157-3198 Monitor works on all Caterpillar C generation excavators. You can tell us your specific machine and we will check for you.

Is this 157-3198 Monitor programmed? Do I need to pay for the program?

Yes, we will install the correct program before shipment, so that the 320c 157-3198 Monitor can arrive to you "programmed" and "ready to use".

What is the difference between 157-3198 and 1573198?

They are the same. 1573198 is short for 157-3198. They are both part numbers of the monitor for the Caterpillar.

What should I pay attention to before purchasing 320c 157-3198 Monitor

Please make sure your excavator is a Caterpillar C generation.

What should I pay attention to before installing 320c 157-3198 Monitor?

Please make sure the mating plug on your excavator is in good condition. If this plug is shorted, the monitor will be burned. Mating plug means the harness plug that 320c 157-3198 Monitor will be connected to.

What should I do after installing 320c 157-3198 Monitor?

You can start the excavator and test the monitor if it works well.

How long does it take to my country?

Please refer to our Shipping Policy. For specific conditions, please consult our online services.

What should I do if this 320c 157-3198 Monitor malfunctions during the warranty period?

SINOCMP offers a 1-year warranty for the product. Please contact our customer service and provide pictures or videos when any malfunction occurs. We will work on this as soon as possible. For detailed information, please refer to our Refund Policy and Return Policy for the warranty.