4646113 Monitor Display Screen for Hitachi Excavator ZX200 ZX240 ZX330

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Product Name: Monitor/Display Panel/Gauge Cluster. 
Part Number: 4646113.  

Applied Model: Hitachi ZX120 ZX130 ZX160 ZX200 ZX200-3G ZX210 ZX225USR ZX225USR-E ZX230 ZX240-3G ZX240 ZX240LC-3G ZX250 ZX250-3G ZX260LCH-3G ZX270 ZX280LC ZX330 ZX330-3G ZX330LC-3G ZX350 ZX350-3G ZX350 ZX350-3G  ZX370, etc.
Country of Origin: China 
Condition: Aftermarket new
Note: Please check the machine model before buying. If you are not sure, please contact us for confirmation. 
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Weight ‎ 5.28 pounds
Warranty  12 months
Product Size  8.26 x 4.72 x 3.93 inches