60100000 VOE60100000 ECU Controller for Volvo Excavators Loaders Graders

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Product Description
The 60100000 ECU Controller is specifically designed and programmed to control the engine fuel injection. It has good compatibility to fit several Volvo machine models, such as Volvo EC210B, EC240B, EC290B, EC210C, EC240C, EC220D, EC300D, and more. If you didn't find the model you're looking for, please tell us via live chat or email.
Part Name
Engine ECU Controller
Product Weight
Part Number
60100000, VOE60100000
Aftermarket new
Product Dimensions
10.83*9.25*2.36 inches
12 months
Shipping Dimensions
12.21*11.02*2.76 inches
Country of Origin
  • Buying Guide: Please send a picture of your machine nameplate so that we can process your order quickly and accurately.
  • Shipping & Delivery: Your package will be sent within 2-3 working days. Once the order has shipped, you will receive an email with a link to track its progress.
Compatible Models
EC210B/EC240B/EC290B EC140C/EC160C/EC180C/EC210C/EC235C/EC240C/EC290C EC220D/EC250D/EC300D L60F/L70F/L90F/L110F/ G930/G940/G960 EW145B/EW140C/EW160C/EW180C

We provide free program installation. You only need to provide a picture the machine nameplate for accurate program installation, so please send it to our email after placing the order.

The nameplate typically contains information about the machine manufacturer, model, production date, PIN (Product Identification Number), and other details. It is usually located on the body or frame of the excavator, near the operator's compartment or engine compartment.

We have completed quality inspection and program installation before shipping. After receiving the product, no further actions are required. Simply check the device and plug it in to start using it.

For the ECU controller, if the information is confirmed, we can install the program and arrange for its delivery promptly. In most cases it takes 2-5 days for the package to arrive in the United States, and 3-8 days to other countries. 

Installation Tips for VOE60100000 ECU Controller - Sinocmp

Installation Tips

Wire and electrical parts are very easy to short circuit, which will lead to the damage of Wiring Harness. 

Please ensure that the plug is in good condition to avoid short circuits.

Good Compatibility

The Volvo 60100000 ECU Controller provides seamless compatibility to fit Volvo Graders, Loaders and Excavators.

Details and Features of 60100000 ECU Controller - Sinocmp

Details and Features

Meticulously crafted from high-quality aluminum material and PCB, the VOE60100000 ECU Controller offers durability and reliability in demanding conditions. With advanced functionalities, it precisely manages fuel injection, ignition timing, and more for optimal engine performance. Let’s order now on sinocmp.com to enjoy unparalleled performance of your machine.

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Good customer service
Product was exactly as they said it was and it got here quick
Very happy with transaction and support

Joelison Dominguez

60100000 VOE60100000 ECU Controller for Volvo Excavators Loaders Graders

Isabel Teixeira

60100000 VOE60100000 Engine ECU for Volvo Excavators Loaders Graders With One Year Warranty

Jimmie Sampley

60100000 VOE60100000 Engine ECU for Volvo Excavators Loaders Graders With One Year Warranty