Several Points to Choose China Komatsu Parts Agent

Several Points to Choose China Komatsu Parts Agent

Are you still worried about the fact that Komatsu equipment is broken and you can't buy parts? Are you still worried about the lack of warranty on the parts ? Are you still overwhelmed by the dizzying supply market? How to choose a Komatsu agent has always been the sword of Damocles that the accessories purchaser can't miss. Especially in China, as the world factory, it provides a rich channel for you to choose all kinds of Komatsu parts, but it also brings you difficulties in choice. This article will focus on how to find the right Chinese agent.


1. Professionalism

Excavator parts are professional products. We know that Komatsu's excavator has many generations, such as PC-1 pc-3 pc-5 PC-8, etc., and the tonnage of the excavator is also different, such as PC200 PC300 PC400 and so on. The products for each type of digging machine are also different. Some products such as monitors, controller boards, etc. require a program. Some available parts can be used universally, but some available parts cannot be used universally. A professional excavator parts supplier needs to summarize the needs of customers from complex categories and provide products that meet quality requirements. Professionalism is the key to whether an agent can prepare to solve a customer problem.


2. Reputation

Reputation is an important criterion for measuring whether a company can fulfill its obligations as agreed. With the development of the network, more and more supplies are entering the industry of parts supply. At the same time, the quality is uneven. We know that almost all orders are 100% prepaid, so you have to deal with reputable suppliers. Where is the credibility? There are two factors: timely and on good quality of service. Agents should be responsible for aligning commitments, not for selling products and exaggerating the quality of products, and making false promotions.


3. After-sales

After-sales is one of the most important factors in measuring the quality of a supplier. All purchasers are actually most worried about the after-sales problem. We know that there is no product, no matter the original or the aftermarket product, it can’t guarantee that there is no problem at all. A problem has occurred and how to deal with it is the after-sales service problem. In general, all products should be warranted. At the same time, problems occurred during the warranty period, and the dealer was required to deal with them in time.


4. Factory

Many purchasers want to be able to order directly from the factory. An intuitive reason is cheap. In fact, the demand for accessories is mixed. For example, the purchaser will order the wire harness today, the sensor will be ordered tomorrow, and the hydraulic pump will be ordered the day after tomorrow. It may even be possible to buy these things at once. No factory can produce all products, he can only produce at most 1~2 products. We know that the purchase quantity of accessories relies on the maintenance of the machinery and equipment, so the quantity cannot be very large. In the case of a small amount of factories, it is not likely to make price concessions. At the same time, in order to ensure a single purchase of all kinds of miscellaneous pieces in place, in general, dealer is the best choice.


Why choose SINOCMP?

1. A wide range of supplies

As a professional Komatsu mechanical parts supplier, our internal business is classified into electrical parts, engine parts, and hydraulic parts. We do all the products without any miscellaneous, service with all our suppliers. Among them, our hot-selling products are monitor display, controller, wiring harnesses, motors, etc. The main models include PC200 PC100 PC220 PC300 PC400 PC450 and so on. Engine parts include overhaul gasket, turbocharger, starter motors, generators, etc. In particular, overhaul gasket are available in a wide variety of product categories. The hydraulic components are mainly the accessories of the hydraulic pump. Such as HPV95 HPV112 HPV130 HPV160 and so on. SINOCMP is one of the handok sales in China. We guarantee that the original is authentic and the quality is trustworthy.

In addition, SINOCMP provides inspection tools related to machine social security. Among them, the pressure gauge is not only used on the Komatsu excavator, but also can be used on various types of mechanical equipment. These products include digital display pressure gauges and hydraulic gauges. There is also the Cummins inline 6 diagnostic tool, which is aimed at using Cummins engines of Komatsu equipment.


2. Professional

Professionalism reflects on the professionalism item, technical expertise and professionalism of the products. All of our aftermarket products are warranted. Some products have a warranty of more than one year, such as monitors, controller boards, hydraulic gauges, etc. We are the best in the same type of supplier. We have a professional technical team to support and ensure the accuracy and quality of our products. Our sales staff will respond within 2 hours of the working day, and respond within 12 hours on a daily day. Serving customers and meeting customer needs is the corporate mission of SINOCMP. We know that only professionalism can win the trust of more customers.

Our customer service is available worldwide. In order to ensure that our products can serve the most customers, we use more transportation, such as DHL, fedex, TNT, UPS, EMS, shipping and so on. Ensure that our products can be shipped to all parts of the world. Our freight service providers are world well-known express delivery companies and logistics companies, with timeliness and quality.


3. A large number of partners

We have many partners around the world, such as RDW excavator parts in Australia, terraparts in the UK, and partssuppy inc in the US. We have won more customers because of adhering to the concept of service first.


After reading our introduction, do you still find it difficult to find a suitable Komatsu agent? If you have any needs, please contact us directly via the contact information on the website or leave a message below this article. We will contact you in time.

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