5 Common Faults And Solutions You Must Know About The Rotation of The Excavator

5 Common Faults And Solutions You Must Know About The Rotation of The Excavator

by Doris Deng on February 11, 2022 Categories: Repair Technology

1 The excavator cannot rotate

  • First check whether the rotating switch of the safety box behind the cab is turned on. If it is turned on, it means that the rotary parking brake is turned on, and the rotary parking brake needs to be released. As long as the button switch is placed in the RELEASE LOCK position, it can be forced Release the rotating parking brake.

  • Check whether the pilot pressure during rotation is normal.

  • Whether the rotating spool is issued a card, causing the switch not to be in place.

2 Rotating brakes will not stop the car

  • Check whether the rotating relief valve on the rotating motor is stuck, and you need to disassemble the valve core to see.

  • Check whether the rotary brake solenoid valve is malfunctioning, whether the spool is stuck, and clean it directly. If it is broken, it needs to be replaced.

  • If the above is normal, check whether there is a problem inside the motor.

3 Rotation is weak, slow, fast and slow

  • Check whether the overflow pressure during rotation is normal.

  • If abnormal, check whether the left/right rotating relief valve is malfunctioning.

  • Check whether the pilot pressure is normal.

4 Rotating abnormal noise

Need to determine whether the abnormal noise comes from the rotating motor or the large ring gear.

  • If abnormal noise occurs when turning to a fixed position, consider the wear of the large and small gear rings.

Remark: Pay attention to the maintenance of the big gear ring at ordinary times. Grease the grease nipple of the big gear ring once every 1000 hours. Each time you hit it, rotate it by 90 degrees and press it twice for a total of 8 presses.

  • If the rotating motor makes abnormal noise, it needs to be disassembled to see where the wear appears. The parts that may be worn are: plunger, valve plate, pump liner, 9-hole plate.

5 Spin and hold the car alone

When rotating alone or in conjunction with other actions, the excavator must enter the service diagnosis to check whether the overflow pressure of each action is normal.


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