7 Points to Pay Attention to Purchasing Volvo Excavator Parts

7 Points to Pay Attention to Purchasing Volvo Excavator Parts

In order to choose the most suitable excavator parts, we must have a command of the products and be professional when we purchase the excavator parts. Volvo excavator ranks the top of the world. The market of Volvo excavator parts is pretty complex. Same products have a large price difference, and the quality is different. The supplier of the parts may not tell the truth. So how to purchase the cost-effective parts is always the problem that makes buyer confused. With more than 10 -year experience, we tell you that the problems you should pay attention to:


1. What is the meaning of part number?

As an experienced purchaser, it is highly necessary to privide the part number and appliable model when they purchase volvo excavator parts. For example, volvo EDC60100000, when we purchase it, we must check the model. Because different models may have different programs. There are thousands of parts in excavator. However, volvo excavator has hundreds of models. Generally speaking, nobody can have a command of all products. So we accurately judge the products as per the part number. Meanwhile, some deputy factories produce without detailed skill information. It is suggested that purchaser should check the pictures with suppliers, avoid purchasing the wrong products.


2. Are you sure that the OEM is real OEM?

OEM production, also known as fixed-point production, commonly known as foundry (production), the basic meaning is that brand producers do not directly produce products. However, they use their key core technologies to design and develop new products and control sales channels. But in fact, many suppliers will say that their aftermarket products are OEMs. But in a strict sense, OEM is a foundry factory product. The number of such products is very small, and there is no brand identity, the purchaser can not specifically determine whether it is aftermarket or an OEM. Therefore, it is recommended not to ask the supplier whether there is an OEM, but the price of the original and the aftermarket respectively.


3. Can the factory really give me the cheapest price?

Generally speaking , purchasers generally believe that factory orders remove intermediate links, thereby reducing costs. However, the excavator parts are a special case, and the price that the factory gives you is often not the best price. First, the repair parts damaged by the excavator are often mixed, and the general factory can only produce one or a type of accessories. If you want to meet your complex purchasing needs, only traders can meet your requirements. Second, most Chinese manufacturers do not have marketing channels, and they are highly dependent on distributors and traders. Third, quantity is a precondition for low prices. Generally speaking, large quantities have an advantage over price in the factory. Fourth, the full competition of the market leads to the uneven quality of the products of the manufacturers. When you are looking for a high quality manufacturer, you need spend the cost of capital and the cost of time on it, and always do not work.


4. Where is the gap between the original and the deputy factory?

In most cases, it is generally believed that the original product is of good quality and high value. Due to China's production technology exhibition, original products and sub-factory products can basically replace each other.

However, we generally give the deputy factory a 6 month to 1 year warranty. Original products are generally not covered by warranty. And the original price is 2 to 3 times the price of the deputy factory. For example, the 14518349 VECU computer version, the price of the deputy factory is generally around 550, but the original product needs thousands of dollars. In fact, the two quality gaps are not large, and the general supplier will provide a one-year warranty for the computer version and display.


5. How to judge suppliers?

As mentioned above, the Volvo excavator parts supply market is very complicated. How to find a stable, good quality supplier is extremely important to us. How to judge suppliers? We need to know the brand of the supplier. Through the fierce competition in the market, the products on the market are of low quality, low price, short warranty, or the promised warranty can not be realized, and eventually they are eliminated by the market. Through the baptism of the market , good suppliers will form a unique brand through the quality of their services.


6. Profession

Professionalism often determines the quality of a supplier. We know that the excavator product is complex, professional and technical. Such as: computer board and display, these are with programs, the installation program is very professional and technical requirements. Such as hydraulic pumps, these products need to be installed and debugged. For example, the injector of the engine must be checked for the conversion between the engraving number and the engine model, and the part number between different manufacturers (Bosch, Denso etc). Only those suppliers with strong technical team support can solve these problems perfectly.


7. Service

As long as the excavator parts are in use, it is inevitable that failure will occur. Therefore, when we purchase the excavator parts, we must consider in advance how to remedy the problem after the failure and recover the loss in time.

At this time, we must first understand the after-sales support capabilities of the excavator parts supplier. For example, SINOCMP has a warranty on the computer board and display for 1 year, and the sensor and solenoid valve are guaranteed for 6 months. The length of the warranty is an important factor in measuring whether the supplier's service is in place.

In summary, when you purchase Volvo excavator parts, you must find a supplier with strong technical team support and high brand value. At the same time, we should try to jump out of the low price trap to avoid buying the wrong and buying unqualified products.

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