99% Of Them Do! 10 Mistakes in Excavator Operation in Winter

99% Of Them Do! 10 Mistakes in Excavator Operation in Winter

 In the cold winter, excavators in many areas are still in the working state, and any improper operation of excavators in this season will cause faults.So how can you make your excavator survive the winter safely, and what are the mistakes of excavator operation in winter?The following is a summary of the 10 biggest operation mistakes.

1. Choose the wrong diesel and oil

  In winter, choosing diesel oil, oil and hydraulic oil for excavator is too arbitrary, which is a big mistake in operation. The use of unreasonable oil will affect the service life of excavator.Winter should choose low freezing point and ignition performance of light diesel oil, oil should also choose low freezing point, oil filter also replace, replace can adapt to the local winter minimum temperature of hydraulic oil.

2. Premature discharge of cooling water

  When is the cooling water released in winter?First of all, it must be known that premature discharge or not discharge of cooling water is a wrong operation.If the water is not discharged completely, the remaining cooling water will freeze and expand;If the cooling water is discharged earlier, the temperature of the engine is too high at this time, and it will suddenly shrink when it encounters cold air, and crack will appear when it is serious.The correct operation is: engine shut off idle for a while, wait until the cooling water temperature reaches below 60℃, then turn off the water.

3. Insufficient preparation to start the engine in cold weather

  It is also one of the wrong operations to start the excavator engine directly in cold weather without sufficient inspection.Check that the safety lock lever is locked first;Set the fuel control knob to low speed;Keep the start switch key in the preheating position;If the oil pressure monitor light is on after the engine starts, the pedals and joystick cannot be operated.

4. Start with an open flame

   Pay special attention to a point with open flame ignition is absolutely not, in a simple way is to take off the air filter, and then cotton yarn dipped in diesel fuel to ignite the ignition made of ignition content placed in the intake pipe to start the combustion.This hurts the machine because impurities in the air can get into the cylinders, causing the pistons and other components to wear out and damage the machine. c2a02b650e566c66b563e1b215561cb2_1.jpg

5. Start the machine in a hurry without preheating

  For faster and more simple, many tractor driver there is a wrong way to start the machine, such as no preheating is in a hurry to start the engine, it is also very hurt machines, to master the correct preheating method, excavator before the start of the correct preheating operation check is: first press the preheating switch, preheat 10 seconds after starting the engine, momentum motives smooth operation, also check the meter and the indicator light is normal, etc.

6. Direct operation of excavator without heating machine

   In winter, after the excavator engine started, the operator immediately went to work, not to warm the machine directly began to operate, which is strictly prohibited.Warm-up operation is essential. Warm-up mainly includes the warm-up of the engine and the preheating of hydraulic oil. After the engine starts, the engine should run at a low speed for no more than 5 minutes, then turn the fuel control knob to the center between low speed and high speed, and run the engine at a medium speed for about 5 minutes under no load.Remember to warm up after the end of the formal construction work.

7. Bake the pan over an open flame

  When operating excavators in the winter, it is quite dangerous to use open fires to bake the oil pan.This is very easy to make the oil in the oil pan deteriorated and burned, resulting in the decrease of oil lubrication, causing serious wear machine, serious when there will be a big accident of burning machine.

8. Do not care about the insulation of equipment

   Who says excavators don't need insulation in the winter?Winter should be more good treatment of your love machine, after the winter work, don't forget to cover your excavator engine insulation curtain, insulation cover, when necessary in front of the radiator with cardboard to block the wind.

9. Improper walking operation

  When excavator changes the field not little walks the operation, the winter excavator walks must pay more attention.Remember to walk at a constant speed, avoid sliding slope, etc., do not beat the direction of the car and the body suddenly swing, so it is easy to produce side sliding and lead to a dangerous situation;When the excavator walks, keep away from the surrounding obstacles as far as possible to avoid the collision between the parking block and the obstacles.

10. Ignore the digging machine after stopping

   It is dangerous not to think that the digger can be put aside when the job is done.Remove the mud and water on the machine body after stop, to prevent the mud and dirt and water droplets together into the sealing internal damage seal.The location of the machine is important. It should be on a hard, dry ground, and it should drain the water that has accumulated in the fuel system to prevent freezing.

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