Cat 320 Excavator Partial Fault Code

Cat 320 Excavator Partial Fault Code

by Weston Gao on February 11, 2022 Categories: Repair Technology

E0 Fault code Fault description

E1 Fail-free

E2 Engine oil pressure is low

E3 Engine water too hot

E4 High temperature of hydraulic fluid

E5 The battery voltage is too high

E6 The generator P or W contacts disconnect

E7 The speed sensor is improperly installed or the circuit is open

E9 Abnormal engine speed

El0 Throttle motor feedback voltage is too low

E11 Throttle feedback sensor circuit to power short or open

E12 The accelerator feedback sensor short-circuits to the ground

E13 Throttle feedback sensor voltage instability

E14 Accelerator motor circuit to ground short circuit

E15 The throttle motor does not rotate or the motor circuit short-circuits the power

E16 The throttle standby switch is in the standby position or the throttle motor circuit is open

E17 Proportional relief valve short-circuit to the ground

E18 The proportional reducing valve circuit shortens the power supply

E25 The proportional relief valve circuit is open

E27 The water temperature sensor short-circuits to the ground

E31 Hydraulic oil temperature sensor short circuit to the ground

E3The engine speed signal received by the controller is different from the 10 set values of the throttle plate

E33 The difference between the throttle set value and the actual speed is greater than lOOr/min

E34 The data output circuit shorted to the power supply

E36 The action of throttle motor lags behind that of throttle plate 2.5s

E37 The monitor takes longer to read the signal from the controller than Is

E38 Monitor RAM is abnormal

E39 The controller gets the error signal  from the monitor

E40 The controller itself generates the error signal

E41 Controller memory error

E48 The controller does not conform to the mechanical model

E48 The engine stopped 


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