Cat 320d Excavator Partial Fault Code

Cat 320d Excavator Partial Fault Code

by Weston Gao on February 11, 2022 Categories: Repair Technology

00 Fault code Fault description

01 The data is valid, but above normal operating values

02 The data is valid but below normal operating values  

03 Signal error (unstable, discontinuous or faulty data)

04 The voltage is above normal  

05 The voltage is below normal  

06 The current is below normal 

07 The current is above normal

08 The mechanical system is not responding normally

09 Signal anomaly (frequency, pulse width, or periodic anomaly)

10 Update anomalies

11 Anomalous rate of change

12 Failure modes cannot be identified

13 Damage to equipment or components

14 Calibration failure 

15 Parallel metering fault

16 Parallel metering fault

17 Parallel measurement invalid

18 The module (program) is not responding

19 Sensor power failure

20 Error receiving network data 

0041 Parallel metering fault

0096 8v power supply

0110 Fuel oil level sensor

0167 Engine coolant temperature sensor

0168 alternator

0190 system power supply 

0246 engine speed sensor 

0247 The CAN data line

1939 SAE J

0248 USB cable 

0254 Caterpillar data line

0262 Electronic control module(ECM)

0271 Sv sensor power supply

0291 warning device 

0362 Engine cooling fan solenoid valve

0374 Engine variable speed fan control solenoid valve

0485 Rotary brake solenoid valve 

0544 Engine fan recovery solenoid valve

0581 Engine cooling fan variable speed solenoid valve

0586 Power shift pressure proportional solenoid valve

0588 Engine throttle plate

0590 Instrument display system

0598 ECM

0600 Speed change solenoid valve

0735 Hydraulic oil temperature sensor

1129 Heavy duty lift solenoid valve

1130 Pedal sensor attached to right side

1160 Pedal sensor attached to left side

1178 Hydraulic locking solenoid valve

1522 Mechanical overload alarm pressure sensor

1523 Relief valve check valve Solenoid Valve No.2

1525 Relief valve check valve Solenoid Valve No.1

1590 Straight line travel solenoid valve

1593 Main hydraulic pump output limiting pressure solenoid valve

1594 Attached valve extends pressure solenoid Valve No. 1

1595 Attached valve extends pressure solenoid Valve No. 2

1596 Auxiliary valve pressure solenoid valve No. 3

1597 Auxiliary valve retract pressure solenoid Valve No. 1

1598 Auxiliary valve retract pressure solenoid Valve No. 2 

1609 Auxiliary valve retract pressure solenoid Valve No. 3 

1657 F2 mode valve loop feedback pressure sensor

1658 Top button on left joystick

1665 Right joystick top button

1666 Adjustable pressure relief valve Solenoid Valve No. 1

1931 Adjustable pressure relief valve Solenoid Valve No. 2

2265 The optional circuit

2266 Pump output pressure sensor 1  

2275 Pump output pressure sensor  

2280 Crushing hammer oil return route control (through the oil tank) solenoid valve

2300 Walking alarm relay 


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