Cat 330C Excavator Partial Fault Code

Cat 330C Excavator Partial Fault Code

00011# Fault code Fault description

00022# Cylinder injector solenoid valve

00033# Cylinder injector solenoid valve

00044# Cylinder injector solenoid valve

00055# Cylinder injector solenoid valve

00066# Cylinder injector solenoid valve

0041 Cylinder injector solenoid valve

0042 8V DC power supply

0091 The injector actuates the control valve

0094 Throttle position signal

0100 Fuel pressure country sensor

0110 Engine oil pressure sensor

0164 Engine coolant temperature sensor

0168 Actuating pressure of the injector

0172 System voltage

0175 Inlet manifold air temperature

0190 Engine oil temperature sensor

0253 Engine speed sensor

0261 Personality module

0262 Engine timing check

0268 Dc power supply for 5V sensor

0273 Check the programmable parameter

0274 Turbocharger outlet pressure sensor

0286 Atmospheric pressure sensor

0342 Machine oil lamp

0617 Secondary engine speed sensor

1627 Air intake heating relay

0091 Fuel pump relay

0096 Throttle position signal

0110 Fuel oil level sensor

0167 Engine coolant temperature sensor

0168 Generator

0190 Key gate voltage

0248 Speed sensor

0286 CAT data line

0374 Engine oil pressure low signal

0376 Rotary brake solenoid valve

0581 Walking alert

0586 Power shift proportional pressure reducing valve

0587 Engine speed disc switch

0590 Feedback signal of regulator transmission device

0598 Engine controller

0600 Traveling speed solenoid valve

1161 Hydraulic oil temperature sensor

1162 Pump

1524 Pump

1525 Negative flow control proportional solenoid valve

1590 Straight line travel solenoid valve

FMI Negative flow control proportional solenoid valve

FMI Fault code

Fault description

The figures are correct, but above the normal range

The data is correct, but below normal range

Data is unstable, intermittent or incorrect

Voltage higher than normal or suddenly

Voltage below normal or suddenly low

Current below normal or open

Current higher than normal or short circuit

The machine system did not react correctly

Abnormal frequency, pulse or period

10 Exception update

11 Rate of abnormal change

12 Failure mode cannot confirm

13 Bad device or component

14-31 Out of calibration range

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