Cat 349, 352 New Excavator Parameters Detailed, Higher Technology

Cat 349, 352 New Excavator Parameters Detailed, Higher Technology

 The CAT 349 comes with 2D CAT gradient control (CAT 349 is standard), which provides visual guidance to the operator through a touch-screen display for slope control for more accurate operations. Caterpillar says its 349 and 352 excavators are 45 percent more efficient, 10 percent more fuel-efficient and 15 percent less expensive to maintain than their F-Series counterparts in the same tonnage class. These machines also reflect CAT's naming plan, in which CAT removes letter names when it introduces new models.

  Both excavators are standard equipped with a CAT 2D gradient, which provides visual gradient guidance to the operator through a touch-screen display for more accurate cutting. The system can be optionally upgraded to Advanced 2D and 3D.

  Other technologies available on both machines include

  The slope assist system automates arm and bucket movements to help operators of all skill levels increase efficiency.

Catbille payloads provide continuous weighing; Real-time payload estimates can be calculated without swinging to help prevent truck overloading and underloading. The lifting assist function calculates the weight of the actual load to be lifted and compares it with the rated capacity of the excavator. Visual and auditory alarms indicate whether the machine is in safe operating range. The electronic fence prevents the excavator from moving beyond the point defined by the operator, thus helping to protect machinery, underground utilities and other objects from damage. CAT Product Link provides machine running data through the online VisionLink interface. Fuel efficiency is work per unit of fuel, and 349 does more work than 349F.

  Caterpillar is using a new Smart Mode system on both machines to reduce fuel consumption by matching engine and hydraulic power to mining conditions. When the hydraulic demand is reduced, the engine speed will automatically decrease. The new on-demand cooling fan also saves on fuel. Owners can choose the reverse function to help clean debris in the cooling core.

  Caterpillar says the new electro-hydraulic control system's main control valve eliminates the need for pilot piping, reduces pressure loss and reduces fuel consumption. This may result in lower oil demand and operating costs.


  Caterpillar's new air filters, with integrated prefilters and primary and secondary filters, are designed to double the dust removal capacity of previous designs, the company said.

  In addition, the filters on the new 349 and 352 have a longer service life than previous products. The new CAT hydraulic oil return filter has a service life of 3,000 hours, a 50% increase over the previous filter. The 1,000-hour fuel service filter has a 100 percent longer service life than the previous filter.

  Water and sediment discharges for the fuel system and oil level checks for the hydraulic system are grouped together on the surface.


  The CAT 349 and 352 come standard with keyless button start, large touch-screen display, slow dial keys for control and roll-over protection (ROPS) for sound suppression.

The cab also has

  Upward-sloping console for easy cab access, Caterpillar says the cab-mounted seat can reduce vibration by as much as 50% compared with previous F-Series models. Bluetooth integrated radio with USB port for connecting and charging devices. Automatic climate control to maintain temperature Settings regardless of ambient temperature. Programmable joystick buttons enable operators to set control modes and hydraulic responsiveness to individual preferences. Standard rear view and right camera. In addition, owners can choose from a 360-degree visibility kit that combines images from multiple cameras to enhance the operator's line of sight in all directions.

Extended arm configuration

  The CAT 352 has an optional extended arm configuration with a total length of 64 feet and a downward dig of 43 feet.Using standard waterproofing techniques, operators can dig up to 15 feet.Equipped with an optional subsea solution for the machine, you can work at altitudes as low as 66 feet.

  Extended arm packs include a heavy-duty HWW chassis and additional counterweights.Variable specification chassis systems can be retracted for easy transport between operations;It can be extended at job time to increase stability.

The brief parameters are shown in the table below.

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