Cat C9 Part Fault Code

Cat C9 Part Fault Code

112 Fault code Fault description

113 Accelerator pedal 1 fails

116 The gas pedal and brake pedal signals are not trusted

117 Clutch signal failure

119 Brake pedal failure

11C 15 Terminal failure

211 Fuel filter water storage unit

215 Failure of speed sensor

125 Irreversible failure of the cruise control button

126 Main relay 2 fails

127 Battery voltage fault

128 Engine braking failure

129 The main relay 1 shorted with the battery

12A Main relay 3 failure

12B Engine braking (main relay 4) failure

Power Stage air heater 

12E Breakdown 

225 Failure of preheating control system

228 Failure of main relay (interrupted after shutdown)

131 Main relay 1 short circuit to ground

132 Coolant temperature sensor 

133 Dynamic failure of coolant temperature sensor

134 Air charge temperature sensor 

135 Intake pressure sensor

136 Fuel temperature sensor

137 Common rail pressure sensor

138 Common rail pressure limiting valve

13A Oil pressure sensor 

232 Oil temperature sensor

236 Coolant temperature (monitoring)

238 Common rail pressure sensor deviation monitoring

23A Low oil pressure

141 Excessive oil temperature

142 Crankshaft speed sensor

143 Only camshaft sensor signals

144 Camshaft sensor

149 Signal deviation of camshaft sensor and crankshaft sensor exceeds limit

14A Fuel filter heater is out of order

14D Engine room start button hair clip

24A Tip: Engine over speed protection

152 Engine room stop button hair clip

153 The positive deviation of common rail pressure is too high and the set value of fuel flow is too high

154 High negative deviation of common rail pressure (minimum flow)

155 The common rail pressure is below the minimum limit

156 The common rail pressure is greater than the maximum limit

157 Common rail fuel pressure drop rate is too high

158 Overspeed common rail metering valve is not real 

159 The fuel flow setting point of the common rail metering device is too low

Power Stage Common rail oil pump metering valve

259 Breakdown 

359 Common rail metering valve positive short circuit 

161 Common rail metering valve negative short circuit 

162 Cylinder 1 injector is out of order

163 Cylinder 2 injector is out of order

164 Cylinder 3 injector is out of order

165 Cylinder 4 injector is out of order

166 Cylinder 5 injector is out of order

167 Cylinder 6 injector is out of order

168 Cylinder 1 injector open

169 Cylinder 2 injector open

16A Cylinder 3 injector open

16B Cylinder 4 injector open

16C Cylinder 5 injector open

16E Cylinder 6 injector open

171 The minimum number of injection cylinders is not reached

172 Injector wiring failure 1

17C Injector wiring failure 2 

27C ECU injector control device :CY33X(1) failure

19E ECU injector control device :CY33X(2) failure

29D Limit torque values to reduce smoke

39E There is a torque limit because of the negative torque

49E There is a torque limit because of the supercharger protection

69E Torque is limited by engine protection

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