Check and Measure the Working Process of Excavator Maintenance Machine Oil Pressure and Processing Technical Scheme

Check and Measure the Working Process of Excavator Maintenance Machine Oil Pressure and Processing Technical Scheme

  The work flow and treatment of excavator maintenance oil pressure check, determination and technical scheme

  Dig and check to see if the warning lights are on. Excavator repair excavator is manual at first, from the invention to now has more than one hundred and thirty years, during which experienced the gradual development process of steam driven bucket rotary excavator to electric drive and internal combustion engine driven rotary excavator, the application of mechanical, electrical and hydraulic integration technology of automatic hydraulic excavator. Maintenance excavator The first hydraulic excavator was invented successfully by the French Poclane factory.

  Because of the application of hydraulic technology, in the 1940s there was a hydraulic backhoe mounted on the tractor suspension type excavator. Repair excavator common excavator structure includes, power device, working device, rotary mechanism, operating mechanism, transmission mechanism, walking mechanism and auxiliary facilities.

  When starting, if the oil pressure does not rise and the economy is running at a high speed, it will become the cause of damage such as enterprise sintering.

  When starting, due to low oil temperature, high oil viscosity and high oil pressure, the pressure alarm lamp or oil filter warning lamp will be lit.

  In this case, the thermal operation should be reduced until the oil pressure and warning enter the normal operation capacity of the enterprise.

  Determination of oil pressure

  The oil gauge should be installed and removed after the engine has stopped.

  For an engine with an oil gauge on the driver's dashboard, remove the oil pressure and remove a cable for diagnosis and troubleshooting.

  Determination of repair oil temperature of excavator

  When measuring the working oil temperature, test the sensor with the thermosensitive material resistance thermometer

  From the oil supply port or the oil level gauge lead into the oil tray with a thermal material resistance thermometer


  If a sensor is made of Teflon and can be made at this time, wrap the research wire and so on, with the tip in the L scale position.

  If you don't have a thermistor thermometer, use a bar thermometer.

  In order not to damage the thermometer, we have to put rubber tubing on our head.

  The engine oil temperature is closely related to the cooling water temperature of the engine, generally through the change shown in the figure on the right.

  After the engine cannot start, do not increase the working speed or load when the engine system is not hot.

  A crude measure of engine heat is whether the water temperature has reached the thermostat's opening temperature.

  When there is no need for precise determination of the engine working oil temperature, from the water temperature, or by hand touch the oil plate, cylinder body, you can develop a rough prediction.

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