Disinfection, Maintenance, the Need to Do These Three Aspects of Preparation Before the Start of Work!

Disinfection, Maintenance, the Need to Do These Three Aspects of Preparation Before the Start of Work!

Under the epidemic situation, the engineering robot also began to "stay at home" mode, and many friends began to miss the day when the construction site started! I hope the epidemic will end soon and start work soon. I believe that with the alleviation of the epidemic, from the start of the day is not far away, that after the epidemic before returning to work, construction machinery and equipment for a long time will exist what problems? After a holiday break, what kind of checks do you need to do before starting work?

I. Disinfect the key contact parts of the excavator

  First of all, it is recommended that we carry disposable disinfecting wet wipes with us. Before the driver and passenger get on the bus each time, they should first clean and disinfect their hands with wet wipes.

Next, reuse disinfect wet towel ring car to wipe side door, handle, do a good job of external disinfection.

Next, wipe the seat, joystick, safety lock handle, dashboard, and screen on key areas of the cab with disposable disinfectant wipes or a 75-degree alcohol-wet towel.

  Note that the ignition point of alcohol is only 22°. Please do not smoke or use lighters after using alcohol disinfection.

II. the machine to do a comprehensive inspection

Check before startup

1. Check the oil level and quality of engine oil, and add XCMG special oil if necessary.

2. Drain and drain of fuel tank, oil and water separator.

3. Antifreeze check.

√ Check the liquid level of the auxiliary water tank

√ Radiator level check

4. Air filter check

Check the air filter installation and whether the air filter is damaged.

5. Fan belt inspection

Check the belt tension, crack must be replaced in time.

6. Engine turbocharger inspection

Before starting, remove the turbocharger inlet pipe and add proper amount of oil and ensure that the rotor is not stuck.

7. Hydraulic oil inspection

Check hydraulic oil level and quality, add or replace if necessary.

8. Check gear oil of rotary reducer

Check the oil level and viscosity of gear oil, gear oil more or less must be timely to find out the reasons and deal with.

9. Gear oil inspection of walking motor

Check for leaks around the motor and check for viscosity of gear oil.

10. Battery inspection

The maintenance-free battery can judge whether the power is sufficient by the color of the observation hole, and ensure the correct connection of positive and negative poles during installation.

11. Check the connection of pipelines, lines and joints, and adjust the tightness of bolts in time.

Start the check

1. Instrument check

Whether the instrument display is normal or not, there is no alarm.

2. Normal startup

Each start should not exceed 10 seconds.

If you cannot start, be sure to wait 30 seconds before trying again.

3. Start at low temperature

Starter engines must be warmed up in cold weather.

Check after startup

1. Check the instrument alarm information

After the excavator is started, observe whether the instrument has alarm information and whether the display is normal. If the alarm occurs, stop immediately and check.

2. Engine operation check

Run at idle speed for 5-10 minutes, and observe whether there are any abnormalities in the emission smoke color, engine sound and lower exhaust.

3. Hydraulic system inspection

Listen for the sound of hydraulic pump, valve, cylinder and motor when running.

Preheat the hydraulic system and control whether each action is normal.

Lubrication and inspection of pin shaft of working device

Add butter to each pin shaft and lubrication point, squeeze the old oil out of the oil passage if necessary.

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