Easy Troubleshooting for Air Conditioner of Excavator

Easy Troubleshooting for Air Conditioner of Excavator

The hot summer is coming, and it can be horrible if there is something wrong with your excavator air conditioner. Here we share some tips and easy troubleshooting with you, and hope it can help a lot.

Air conditioning control panel

Failure 1 The air conditioner only blows air without cooling

Many people have question marks in their heads, why does the air conditioner not cool when the machine goes through the summer for the first time? After asking these questions without inspection measures, these people were usually “ordered” to read the instructions. The “A / C” on the control panel turned on to indicate that the air conditioner was turned on, but they did not press that key and were speechless Right, don't believe it, never read the manual, and many people ask with their mouths open. I hope there are no such people who read this article.

Failure 2 The cooling effect of the air conditioner is not good

Confirm that the steps of turning on the air conditioner are correct, but the air conditioner still does not feel the air conditioner, then first check whether the air conditioning belt is loose. If there is no problem, it depends on whether the refrigerant (that is, the refrigerant and Freon) is not enough. If it is not a problem, It is necessary to check the circuit, if the circuit is no problem, clean the internal and external circulation of the evaporator and the air conditioning filter.

Failure 3 The air volume of the air conditioner is small

First check the air-conditioning filter element to see if it is blocked. In addition, the air intake may be blocked by debris. The filter element is at the inlet of the air conditioner. Most of the filter element is blocked because the filter element is blocked. If there is no place to buy, use tools to blow it down and use it first, then remove the motor without use, connect the plug, turn on the fan, test the gears one by one, most of the variable resistance is broken. The air-conditioning filter is installed at the inlet of the internal circulation air duct of the air-conditioning refrigeration unit in the cab. If the filter is blocked, the air volume will be affected or no wind will blow out directly.

Fault 4 Only listen to the fan when the air conditioner is turned on

This is a common problem of unscrupulous drivers causing machines. The cabin is extremely dirty, the air grid is broken, and even dust and paper are sucked into the evaporation box by the fan. The evaporation box has accumulated a thick layer of lime soil impurities, so that it can't suck in air and can't blow out the wind. Start up and check first. If the compressor can run, it means that the system pressure is basically normal. There is no other way but to let out the air conditioner. Note that the air-conditioning can be recycled. Do not be impatient when releasing the air-conditioning. Slowly release it from the low-pressure side of the meter, and then dismantle the air-conditioning system to dissolve the air. The air conditioner should always check the condenser fins for dirt, dust and leaves and other debris. If so, wash them off with high pressure air, steam or water.

Fault 5 Just added snow, started to cool, and then blow warm air in a few hours

First check the electrical aspects. If so, it is best to use a pressure gauge to measure the pressure. The high pressure is generally 16-17KG, and the low pressure is generally 2-3KG. For example, the clutch of Freon compressor is not attracted. If there is fluorine, check whether there is ice blocking or dirty blocking. If the tube is rotten, check it with soapy water.

Fault 6 Turn on the air conditioner

Mostly because the engine horsepower is not enough, the engine output power is reduced, which is not enough to drive the air conditioner. It may also be caused by the mismatch between the power of the hydraulic pump and the engine. The power of the general air conditioner accounts for one tenth of the engine. The solution: increase the engine power or reduce the power of the pump, and increase the throttle when turning on the air conditioner. In addition, check the air and diesel filters.

The above is a summary of common faults of air conditioning conttroller and puts forward corresponding countermeasures, if you have any questions or needs. You can contact us. We will also launch new articles for you to read. Thanks for reading.


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