Electronic Control Engine Troubleshooting Considerations

Electronic Control Engine Troubleshooting Considerations

(1) Whether the engine is running or not, the ECU, sensor and actuator must never be disconnected, as long as the ignition switch is turned ON. Due to the self-inductance of any coil, a high instantaneous voltage is generated, which seriously damages the computer and the sensor. Some electrical devices that cannot be disconnected are as follows: any cable of the battery; the PROM of the computer; the wires of any controllers.


 (2) Do not unplug the wire plug (connector) of any sensor while the engine is running or ON. This will cause an artificial fault code (a type of fake code) in the controller, which will affect the maintenance personnel to correctly judge and eliminate the error. .


(3) When arc welding is performed on a car equipped with an electric control system, the computer power supply line should be disconnected to avoid damage to the computer caused by high voltage electricity during arc welding.


(4) When performing body repair work near a controller or sensor, special care should be taken to avoid damage to these electronic components.


(5) To disassemble any oil circuit, the fuel system should first be depressurized. Repairing the oil system never smoke and keep away from open flames.


(6) After removing the battery negative ground wire, all fault information (code) stored in the controller will be removed. Therefore, if necessary, reading the inside of the controller before removing the battery negative ground wire.


(7) When disassembling and installing the battery, you are sure to put the ignition switch and other electrical equipment switches in the off position (OFF).


(8) Remember that the power supply system used on the electric control car is the negative ground. When installing the battery, you should pay special attention to the positive and negative poles.


(9) It is not advisable to install a radio station with a power exceeding 8W. If it must be installed, the antenna should be kept away from the computer as much as possible, otherwise the circuit and components in the computer will be damaged.


(10) When installing or removing the ECU, the operator should firstly make the ground (contact the body), otherwise the static electricity on the body will damage the computer circuit.


(11) Under normal circumstances, do not open the computer cover, because most of the faults on the electronic control engine are external equipment failures. Controller failure is generally less,If there is a fault, it should be carried out by professionals to test and repair.


(12) When removing the wire connector, you must pay attention to loosen the lock spring (snap ring) or press the lock button (as photos A); when installing the wire connector, you must be sure to insert it all the way and lock it. (as photos B).

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