Excavator Maintenance of 20 Small Habits, One Less Are in Big Trouble!

Excavator Maintenance of 20 Small Habits, One Less Are in Big Trouble!

Excavator maintenance is a knowledge, because it involves many contents, few excavator master can do everything, if done well, not only can become your competitive advantage, but also if it is self-operated excavator, can also take good care of more properly.


1. Oil and oil filter element must use regular brand and channel products, do regular inspection and replacement;

2. The air filter element is often checked. The air pressure of the outer filter element is not too large when the compressed air is blown from the inside to the outside to prevent the filter element from blowing.

The internal filter cannot be cleaned.

The outer filter needs to be renewed together with the inner filter after cleaning two or three times;

3. Diesel oil is best provided by a regular gas station, and it needs to be filtered before it is added (the more commonly used method is to set socks at the refueling mouth);

4. Idle work can not be used for a long time in order to save fuel and prevent carbon deposition.


1. Hydraulic oil, oil return filter element and pilot filter element should be inspected and replaced regularly;

2. Lack of oil should be added in time;

3. After replacing the hydraulic oil or hydraulic parts, pay attention to the discharge of air.


1. Do not work in deep water;

2. Do not pile up sundries in the battery box, so as not to cause fire;

3. Do not replace insurance with wire or copper wire, and do not replace insurance with substandard;

4. Remove the battery line to prevent power loss when the excavator is parked for a long time.

1. Replace gear oil regularly for rotary reducer and traveling reducer;

2. Clean up the dirt and debris on the pin shaft and add butter;

3. Wading operation, water over the ring gear, remember to replace the butter in the ring gear;

4. Pay attention to rust prevention of cylinder rod;

5. When the excavator is parked for a long time, smear butter on the Outside metal part to prevent rust.


1. Check whether the pin bolt is loose, loose or missing every day, and tighten it timely;

2. Check the structure every day for cracking and deformation;

3. Pay attention to the surrounding environment when parking the excavator. Park the excavator on a solid and stable ground, do not stop at the river, cliff side, hillside;

4. Park the excavator, the bucket oil cylinder is completely recovered, and the bucket falls to the ground to prevent the cylinder from being hit.

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