Excavator Summer and How to Maintain the 11 Guidelines to Comply With

Excavator Summer and How to Maintain the 11 Guidelines to Comply With

How to maintain the excavator in summer

Maintenance excavator The first hydraulic excavator was invented successfully by the French Poclane factory. Because of the application of hydraulic technology, in the 1940s there was a hydraulic backhoe mounted on the tractor suspension type excavator. Repair excavator common excavator structure includes, power device, working device, rotary mechanism, operating mechanism, transmission mechanism, walking mechanism and auxiliary facilities. The three most important parameters of excavator maintenance are operating weight (mass), engine power and bucket capacity. Hope to see your excavator help in the future!

(1) in order to guarantee the good performance of the system is compact cooling machine, before entering the spring, should look at the various parts of the cooling system is a complete scan times, tighten and lubricity, counting as purging the size of the cooling system (including thermal scale on a clean sweep frequency), the progressive cooling efficiency, cooling system, in order to keep smooth of inertia and the speed of the cooling water has been repeated.

(2) Investigate and analyze the driving man and belt of water pump and electric fan. After long-term application, the driving man and belt will produce fatigue and deformation, which will reduce the cooling effect of the system. When the transmission belt is replaced, attention should be paid to different types and lengths, and the correct adjustment of the tightness of the person.

(3) the investigation and the water tank joint hose, the oil resistance inspection of the water tank hose is poor, the early development of hard damage, so that the social response water supply, causing students to start the car man-machine measurement is too high. Investigation of a rupture and water leakage scene, to be timely and effective elimination.

At the same time to maintain a relatively sufficient amount of cooling water, the ability to detect the lack of timely by adding.

(4) In order to ensure the correct operation of the whole machine, timely attention should be paid to the reading of the water temperature meter, and measures should be taken when the temperature exceeds 90°. You can choose the nearest shade to idle down to cool down, pay attention not to immediately turn off, to prevent the engine man-machine internal overheating caused by cylinder waiting accident.. After the measure drops, should also investigate the electric fan drive belt pull matters..

(5) into a spring can be prior to a needle to look at all aspects of the lubrication management system components to do a performance analysis test, in order to make the butter storage table, gearbox storage table is accurate. Look at the oil in the gearbox, distance variable and driver axle by conducting an information system survey, from the quality of the oil to the amount of oil, and to be able to keep the control oil clean.

(6) in the summer roof, the number of tire layers of the small loader in the inside and outside more than 14 layers, heat transfer is faster than the large tire, it is difficult to appear tire overheating, so that the memory progress, promote the tire rubber performance, so that the tire burst. If you are aware that tire gas is being stored and the tire count is too high, you should stop in the shade and cool down before driving. It is not allowed to use deflating techniques to reduce air storage in the tire or to pour cold water on the hot tire.

(7) Frequently investigate and study the brake efficiency of the whole machine, so as to detect and eliminate the failure of the comprehensive system management of the brake as soon as possible, and reduce the traffic accident stability.

Long time work practical application of braking, a measure of the brake hub and one piece is too high, performance on braking and people, should be able to immediately stop the cooling, lest bring risks to the machine design personnel safety hidden trouble. However, it is not allowed to use cold water to pour the brake to force cooling.

(8) Guarantee battery electrolyte level height; The average temperature in summer is high, the boiling amount is large, and the liquid level rises fast. According to the evidence and the desire, the steam water or electrolyte (pay attention to its purity) is not added in time so that the liquid level is 10 to 15mm higher than the top plate of a plate structure, so as to prevent students from having an impact on the oxidation of the plate.

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