How Can Novice Excavators Avoid Some Common Safety Hazards?

How Can Novice Excavators Avoid Some Common Safety Hazards?

For the novice excavator ring, a lot of things need to be continuously learned in the work, but in the process of learning, there will be large and small safety hazards, so how to effectively avoid some common safety hazards?

  01. Leave enough space on the right side

  The cockpit of the excavator is on the left, so there will be a large blind area on the right side of the excavator, which makes it easy for us to lose sight of the obstacles on the right side when driving the excavator. Therefore, experienced excavator masters tend to leave sufficient space on the right side of the excavator when driving the excavator, which can not only broaden their vision, but also allow others enough time to avoid. In addition, the rearview mirror of excavator is also very important. Many novice excavators think that the rearview mirror is irrelevant, and even if it is broken, they do not repair it in time, which will greatly increase the probability of accidents of excavators.

  02. Keep good driving habits

  Many new drivers have a bad habit. In order to pursue a broader vision, they often lift the arm of the excavator high. Such driving will make the center of gravity of the excavator lean forward, and if they are not careful, they will be in danger of tipping forward.

  03. Cultivate the ability of self-analysis and judgment

  When a new operator just enters the industry, he or she usually does what the construction worker says and does not have his or her own judgment. As a result, some unexpected situations are often caused. In fact, construction workers also have their own limitations, because many of them do not know how to drive excavators themselves and do not know some details of excavator operation, so they are easy to relax their vigilance for some jobs that do not look very dangerous from the outside, such as hoisting heavy objects and swinging, crossing trenches and so on. We must have our own judgment on these dangerous actions. If we think there are potential safety hazards, we must timely communicate and negotiate with the construction personnel. Do not do what the construction workers say to do, do not wait until the time of an accident to regret.

  04. Explore the road before you go forward

  For some excavators working on soft surfaces such as river flats, they can easily get bogged down in quicksand marshes, so every step taken in these dangerous areas should be carefully explored with a bucket before moving forward, and you should try to avoid staying too long in one place. This also reduces the risk of the excavator getting stuck in the mud.


  05. Sit correctly when driving

  Many young machinist like took off his shoes when operating machinery, put one foot in the driving seat, actually this is a very bad driving habits, such as sitting position let oneself of hand movements can become not convenient, encounter emergency handle in time very hard, but also easy to cause this kind of posture in the long term lumbar disc. In addition, the cockpit door should be closed. Don't leave it ajar, otherwise the excavator will easily get into your hand or someone else's hand when going up and down the slope.

  The above introduction is a novice excavator master is likely to encounter several safety hazards and simple ways to avoid. I wish every digger a safe and prosperous future!

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