How to Buy a Proper Digital Pressure Gauge

How to Buy a Proper Digital Pressure Gauge

  Pressure gauges are common measuring instruments, and they are widely used in various production fields. The pressure gauge we choose should meet the requirements of process technology. At the same time, we should also correctly select the accuracy grade, range, type and model.

  1. Selection of Accuracy Grade of Digital Pressure Gauge

  The accuracy level of the general pressure gauge is 1.0/0.4/0.2/0.1 grade optional, and the precision grade of high precision digital pressure gauge can reach 0.005 grade. 

  You can choose a suitable digital pressure gauge according to the accuracy you need.

  2. Selection of Measuring Range of Digital Pressure Gauge

  When choosing a digital pressure gauge, it should be clear that the measured pressure is: negative pressure/composite pressure, micro pressure, conventional pressure, ultra-high pressure, and so on. The pressure is different, the price will be different. The matters we need to pay attention to are listed below:

  When measuring stable pressure, the maximum working pressure should not exceed 2/3 of the measuring range.

  When measuring pulsating pressure, the maximum working pressure should not exceed 1/2 of the range.

  When measuring high pressure, the maximum working pressure should not exceed 3/5 of the range.

  To ensure measurement accuracy, the minimum working pressure should not be less than 1/3 of the measuring range.

  According to the above principle, after calculating a value based on the measured maximum pressure, we can select a pressure gauge slightly larger than this value from the range series.

  3. Measuring medium

  Different types of pressure gauges should be selected for measuring different media and usage environments. 

  Digital pressure gauges can meet non-corrosive media such as water, gas, oil, and liquid. 

  For special media, you can communicate with the manufacturer when you buy it. It can be achieved by choosing different cores, different material shells, and other customized solutions.

  Finally, it is necessary to clarify the power supply voltage, threaded interface, and whether explosion-proof is required. This can be purchased according to actual needs.

  How to choose a product with reasonable price and matching working conditions? This is the first consideration for every user. Based on the above, to select a suitable digital pressure gauge, we need to consider the accuracy, measurement medium, range, thread, power supply (general smart digital pressure gauges are batteries Power supply), and other issues. Sometimes it might be easier for us to buy a digital hydraulic pressure gauge kit

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