How to Identify Faults Through Abnormal Sound of Excavator

How to Identify Faults Through Abnormal Sound of Excavator

The excavator is made up of steel parts, which is a large Iron man. As for the abnormal noise of the excavator, many old drivers think it is a harmless problem. In order to meet the deadline, they want to deal with it uniformly after the completion of the project. This will never work, beware of small problems dragging into a big problem! Today I'm going to teach you the problem of sound discrimination

1.Abnormal sound of connecting part of working device

Check that the pin shaft is loose and lubricated in place. If the butter is not lubricated in place, butter in different positions so that the pin is well lubricated.

2.Abnormal sound of oil cylinder

Check the hydraulic oil level is normal. The insufficient oil level may cause the main pump to empty and produce abnormal noise when working load. Check the oil level to troubleshoot this problem.

Check the hydraulic oil for scrap iron or loop there is iron, iron filings and piston rod back and forth conflicts caused by different ring.

Oil cylinder piston locking nut is loose, piston set back and forth in it. If it is confirmed to be abnormal sound in the cylinder, take it apart.

3. Abnormal noise at turning position

Abnormal sound of large gear ring rotation: abnormal sound of large gear ring rotation to a fixed position indicates abnormal sound of large gear ring rotation.

Check whether the amount of butter in the tooth ring is normal; Is there any foreign body in the large tooth ring worn?

Abnormal noise at rotating part

Abnormal noise of reducer: disassemble to check whether the planetary teeth and bearing inside are loose or broken. Abnormal noise of rotary motor: disassemble to check whether it is caused by wear of internal parts.

4.Abnormal sound of pilot system

Abnormal sound of pilot pump

Clearance increases after gear wear. It is recommended to check if pilot pressure is normal.

Abnormal sound of pilot pipe

P3 Pump gear wear, due to the lack of oil supply caused vibration and abnormal sound.

5. Abnormal sound of safety lock lever

The possible reason is that the filter element in the tubing connection position of the pilot handle is blocked, so it makes a sound, and the blockage causes insufficient pressure of the pilot oil, which affects the opening degree of the multi-channel spool, and thus leads to slow action.

6. Abnormal noise of hydraulic pump

The type 8 hydraulic pump has been designed for noise reduction, so the sound will not be too loud, such as abnormal noise:

First check the main pressure, it is best to contact a professional to do hydraulic pump performance test. Confirm whether the two output pipes of hydraulic pump have serious shaking phenomenon.

Tubing jitter should be noted:

A. Whether the tubing jitter is caused by large pressure changes and instability.

B. If the pilot filter element is blocked, it should be cleaned frequently to prevent blockage.

C. Check whether the safety solenoid valve switch is switched abnormally.

Confirm whether there is metal powder in the hydraulic return oil filter element inside the tank.

If the above three points are normal, the following aspects should be checked:

1. Confirm whether genuine hydraulic oil and hydraulic return oil filter element are used;

2 if the hydraulic oil pollution is serious, so want to replace the hydraulic oil regularly, long life type hydraulic oil generally 5000 hours change, if it is a work environment of dust is bigger, need a little time to change ahead of time, also broken homework drivers need to replace a piece every 2000 hours, because the hydraulic oil pollution, it is difficult to achieve proper lubrication and protection;

3. The oil circuit is not smooth, which may be caused by insufficient hydraulic oil or blockage of oil-absorbing filter element, which damages the hydraulic pump after inhalation of air;

Hydraulic pump installation accuracy is not enough;

5 regulator and solenoid valve part of the abnormal work, can not adjust the Angle of the hydraulic pump swish plate Angle to the required Angle, causing the hydraulic pump output flow can not match the required flow, causing the abnormal sound of the pump;

6. Due to non-standard operation or overload operation, the impact on the hydraulic system is too large and the pressure relief valve produces pressure relief sound;

7. The engine starts to work when there is not enough time, which will cause high viscosity of hydraulic oil, affect its fluidity, and cause too large impact on the pump;

8 hydraulic pump internal piston wear, check to determine.

7. Abnormal sound of safety lock lever

abnormal engine sound

Open the engine cover and check the tightness of each belt. If the tightness of the belt does not meet the standard, it should be adjusted.

may also have problem of valve clearance, the size of the tile abrasion, crankshaft, connecting rod wear, need to disassemble.

If the engine appears abnormal noise: check the exhaust pipe whether there is damage, leakage and other phenomena, and then check the engine around whether there is no plug.

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