How to Maintain Excavator Air conditioning In Summer

How to Maintain Excavator Air conditioning In Summer

  Excavator in the high temperature environment in summer, for the excavator driver who needs to carry out long-term construction operations outdoors, a cool and comfortable driving environment becomes particularly important. If your excavator no longer has air conditioning, the cockpit’s There is no difference between the temperature and the outside, which is difficult! To be honest, summer is really inseparable from the air conditioner, but if the air conditioner "falls off the chain" when it is the hottest, this is not just a joke, this is the rhythm of live heat. Air conditioning is an important device to ensure that drivers can work with peace of mind. In order to ensure the normal operation of the air-conditioning equipment, please check and clean the internal filter and radiator of the air conditioner every 500 hours, and replace the external filter of the air conditioner every 1000 hours. In extreme environments, the maintenance period should be shortened. Therefore, we must pay attention to the daily use and maintenance of the excavator air conditioner in summer to reduce the failure of the air conditioner. How to maintain the air conditioner in summer?

  1. Pay attention to the temperature difference between inside and outside

  Let me talk about the daily use of excavator air conditioners. It is best not to adjust the temperature too low. Pay special attention to the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the cab. Too large a temperature difference can easily cause colds, coughs, fevers, and mental disorders. If the temperature of the air conditioner is too low, the load on the engine will increase, which will increase fuel consumption.

  2. To prevent clogging, regularly clean and replace the filter

  The air conditioner of the digging machine should also be regularly maintained. The air conditioner filter is generally cleaned once every 500 hours. If you work in a dusty environment for a long time, you need to clean it frequently. When there is too much dust or other impurities on the filter, it will block the filter mesh and reduce the cooling effect of the air conditioner. Of course, the filter must also be replaced regularly.

  3. Condenser chip impurity cleaning inspection

  In addition to the need for regular cleaning of the air conditioner filter, it is also necessary to clean and check the air conditioner condenser sheet. The dirt, dust and other impurities on it should be cleaned in time to prevent the air conditioner condenser from clogging and affecting the cooling effect of the air conditioner.

  4. Cleaning of other impurities and dust in air conditioner

  The cleaning of other impurities and dust, such as removing the dust on the heat sink, because too much dust on the heat sink will increase the fuel consumption of the engine; debris at the air inlet of the air conditioner should also be dealt with in time, and more debris will block the air inlet, thus As a result, the air volume of the air conditioner becomes smaller.

  5. Check the belt tension of the air conditioner compressor

  Check the belt tension of the air-conditioning compressor regularly, generally every 250 hours. In the middle between the drive pulley and the compressor pulley, press the belt with one finger (approximately 6.2kgf). The belt deflection should be 6.3-8.7mm. In addition, regular inspection of the refrigerant is required. The low refrigerant level will affect the cooling effect.

  6. Check the air conditioning season without digging machine

  The excavator air conditioner is of course used for cooling and cooling in summer, and it is not used for most of the other seasons. It should be checked when the air conditioner is idle. It is best to ensure that the air conditioner is operated for 3 to 5 minutes every month to prevent long periods of time. There is no need for failure.

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