How to Maintain the Excavator in Winter?

How to Maintain the Excavator in Winter?

  Don't do it in the cold winter

  Treated your fellow excavator!

  To this end, we prepared the following winter maintenance points

Choose the right oil

  The density, viscosity and fluidity of diesel oil become higher in cold environment.

Diesel is not easy to spray, resulting in poor atomization, incomplete combustion, resulting in increased fuel consumption, efficiency decline, will affect the power and economy of the diesel engine.

Therefore, the excavator should choose light diesel oil in winter, which has a low freezing point and better ignition performance.

  In general, the freezing point of diesel should be about 10 ° C below the local minimum temperature for the current season.

  Use no. 0 or even -30 diesel depending on your needs.

  When the temperature of the oil decreases, the viscosity increases, the mobility deteriorates, the friction increases, leading to the crankshaft rotating resistance increases, the piston and cylinder liner wear increases, causing the diesel engine to start difficult.

  The machine operating in the plateau and cold areas should be replaced with higher grade oil in winter, such as 10W-30 and 5W-40 grade oil, or higher grade oil;

  For machines operating near the equator or in warmer areas in winter, the need to replace the oil can be considered according to the actual temperature of the local area.

  When choosing grease, when the temperature is high, the thick grease with small evaporation loss should be selected. And in winter, when the temperature is low, should choose viscosity small, thinner thick oil.

Don't forget to hydrate

  Excavator in the winter, but also pay attention to the replacement of the engine cooling water with a lower freezing point of antifreeze, to prevent freezing damage cylinder liner and radiator.

  If the excavator equipment is out of use for a period of time, it is necessary to empty the cooling water in the engine.

When discharging water, attention should be paid to not releasing the cooling water prematurely. When the body is at a high temperature, it will suddenly shrink and crack easily when attacked by cold air.

  In addition, when discharging water, the remaining water in the body should be thoroughly discharged to prevent freezing, expansion and splitting of the body.

Winter excavator also to do "preparation activities"

  After the diesel engine starts on fire, do not immediately let the excavator into load operation, excavator needs to do the preparatory activities of preheating.

  Ignition of diesel engines soon, due to low body temperature, oil viscosity, oil is not easy to fully lubricate the friction surface of the engine moving parts, will cause serious wear and tear of the machine.

  In winter, after the diesel engine starts on fire, it is recommended to idle for 3-5 minutes, and then increase the engine speed, operate the bucket, let the bucket and bucket rod work continuously for a period of time, and so on when the cooling water temperature reaches more than 60℃, then put into load operation.

Keep the excavator warm

  Whether it is winter construction or shutdown winter maintenance should pay attention to the insulation of the key parts of the equipment.

  After the completion of the construction work in winter, the engine should be covered with insulation curtain and insulation sleeve, and when necessary, the plate curtain should be used to block the wind in front of the radiator.

Some engines are equipped with an oil radiator. The switch should be pulled to the low temperature position in winter so that the oil does not flow through the oil radiator. If the excavator stops, try to park in the garage and other indoor field.

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