How to Maintain the Rainy Day Excavator?

How to Maintain the Rainy Day Excavator?

 The weather is getting warmer and the rain is getting more and more. So what should the excavator pay attention to in the rainy day? The following is a summary of four points for attention.

1. Timely cleaning

  In case of heavy rain, it should be cleaned in time.

2 paint

  Acidic components in rainwater have a strong corrosive effect on the paint surface of excavators, and in the course of time, it will cause damage to the paint surface of excavators.

Therefore, in the season of more rain, it is best to give the excavator a paint contouring.

The simplest is waxing, longer and more effective is to seal the glaze capacity.

Either way, put on an invisible protective coat for the excavator to prevent the paint from fading and aging.

3. Chassis Care

  Chassis is the part closest to the ground, which is particularly seriously affected by road conditions. Generally, this part is the most prone to rust and spots, and the wheel shell may even loosen and perforate.

Therefore, we must pay attention to the cleaning and antirust treatment of excavator chassis, and do a chassis antirust treatment.

4. Ignition start

  Rainy days, such as encountered engine is not easy to start the problem, sometimes even forced to start up, but also weak. This kind of fault is most likely from the ignition system due to the leakage of moisture, thus losing the normal ignition function.

  Once found because of the ignition system ignition, engine performance degradation caused by the wet, it's best to start with a dry towel or dry cloth to dry distribution plate and wire inside and outside, and then use special spray dryer can spray the desiccant in the distribution plate cover, battery connector, cable connector, the place such as high tension line, after waiting for a will start the engine.

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