How to Modify the Hours of Excavator--Sinocmp

How to Modify the Hours of Excavator--Sinocmp

d  In the process of second-hand excavator trading, the number of hours played a key role in the overall evaluation of the excavator. Its value is mainly displayed through the hour meter and the monitor, and the adjustment of the hours of the excavator is also achieved by adjusting the mechanical watch and the controller. Mechanical watches can be adjusted manually, but modifying the numbers on the monitor requires professional tools. Now how to modify the number of excavator hours from three aspects:

  1. Manual adjustment of mechanical watches

Hyundai R215-7

  Mechanical watches are generally located inside the cab. The common position is the red frame mark, and some are located under the seat handle and elsewhere. Adjusting the mechanical watch is relatively simple, as long as the mechanical watch is disassembled and manually toggled. But you can’t just dial it, or it’s like this:

  Hours of mechanical watch after modification
  Professionals can dial the following picture:

  Observe the numbers in the table carefully, it is still not correct, the normal number height in the table has a drop, the number 5 in the figure is obviously lower. Therefore, when adjusting the table, pay attention to the height of the number according to the trend of digital flipping. At this time, fine adjustment is required.

  Hours of unmodified mechanical watch (can be modified to this number, belongs to the expert)

  1. Software to modify the controller

  Software modification refers to modifying the data of the controller of the excavator through special software, thereby modifying the hours on the display.

Hours on the John Deere E210LC display

  Different brands and models of excavators have different monitors and different buttons.

Kobelco SK250-8 cab connection detector

  The location and cable arrangement of the controller interface of each brand model of digging machine are different. Most of the controller interface is located behind the seat inside the cab. To modify the data with the tester, first connect the data cable, and select different junction boxes and jumpers to connect according to different models. Some excavator controllers include a power cable in the CAN bus, then you do not need to connect the power cable externally, otherwise Need to connect 24V cigarette lighter or battery. Secondly, after connecting the line, open the corresponding brand software in the test instrument to read the data and modify it. After the last modification, don't forget to quit the software, turn off the excavator tester, and then disconnect the data cable.

  Note that not all detectors can modify the controllers data, which is related to the selected detector.

  1. Hardware modification controllers

Kobelco SK350LC-8 controller

  The purpose of data modification is achieved by disassembling-reading-software modification-welding the memory on the controller. This must be done by professionals. Any small mistake in the whole process will cause damage to the controller, which will cause the excavator to fail to start. Use this method carefully.

  The modification of the excavator hours is only a brief introduction. If the hours are not changed, it will directly affect the seller's reputation and the performance of the machine. Therefore, it is not recommended to modify the machine hours during the transaction process. In short, the amendments are risky and need to be implemented carefully.

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