How to Overcome the Shaking Problem of Excavator?

How to Overcome the Shaking Problem of Excavator?

by Katrina Zhang on February 11, 2022 Categories: Repair Technology

  As we all know, the wheel type is because of the excavator we said, now China has a considerable market share, whether in the mountainous area or a plain area, there are a lot of people have their same doubts, that is, how can the excavator model overcome the work shaking problem?

  Especially in the mountainous area student work, how can guarantee its stability.

  The three most important parameters of excavator maintenance are operating weight (mass), engine power and bucket capacity.

  Maintenance excavator The first hydraulic excavator was invented successfully by the French Poclane factory.

  Because of the application of hydraulic technology, in the 1940s there was a hydraulic backhoe mounted on the tractor suspension type excavator.

  Repair excavator common excavator structure includes, power device, working device, rotary mechanism, operating mechanism, transmission mechanism, walking mechanism and auxiliary facilities.

  Excavator walk convenience fully recognized by the market, but compared with the track model, it also has a nots allow to ignore the shortcomings, namely work stability, because the tire contact with the ground and crawler board, soft material has elasticity, there's always a body shaking, theoretical work force, in particular, but in practice, the excavator is how to overcome this problem?

  First of all, this kind of excavator has a common feature, that is the design of the balance cylinder.

  As the name suggests, the balance cylinder ensures the balance of the entire body.

  Walk, balance cylinder is in a state of expansion and contraction of normal, in order to guarantee the normal work of the damping system, improve the comfortableness, buffering pressure, but at work, balance cylinder in bearing locking state, its expansion length contraction in damping spring within the scope of work, which not only can keep the vehicle at the levels of micro slope condition, still can make the malfunction of the shock absorber to ensure the stability of the excavator.

  However, due to the work load for a long time, after all, the loss of balance cylinder is too big, relying on the balancing cylinder excavator working time can't last forever, so the first shovel aims to provide the guarantee of an auxiliary hind legs, is to be able to work when the whole body hold up, make the tyre from the ground, not only ensure the stability of the vehicle, avoid the loss of the daily balance cylinder.

  Excavators, of course, when the balance of the cylinder and the leg design in full accord, for different working conditions according to the national regions to reasonable and effective use, manufacturer production technology research and development of all excavator models balance cylinder design is different from other brand culture, hinged design method not only can we balance cylinder is divided into expansion can swing up and down, can sharply when the buffer work pressure from all aspects of society, more durable service life and stable work performance study more, and that's why China is always not use after the leg was still able to secure the vehicle stability is a very important influence factors.

  What has to be mentioned here is that the design of the rear leg is indispensable for the model with frequent load operation. Some customers think that the rear leg is basically not used, and it will delay the work time. In fact, otherwise, it will greatly extend the service life of the vehicle and make the operation efficiency more efficient.

  Wheeled model manufacturers in the market development has learned and experienced more than 20 years of practice, performance is relatively stable, safe and reliable quality, comfort and service life is also the problem of other companies can not be reached by the brand, demand analysis customers can go to the local office or headquarters test experience.


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