Inspection Method of Hydraulic Excavator

Inspection Method of Hydraulic Excavator

  In the analysis of fault inspection, supervision and inspection should be carried out in accordance with the principle of "easy before difficult" and "outside before inside". The specific research methods are as follows:

  (1) check the hydraulic oil quantity first.

  Repair excavator common excavator structure includes, power device, working device, rotary mechanism, operating mechanism, transmission mechanism, walking mechanism and auxiliary facilities.

  Maintenance excavator The first hydraulic excavator was invented successfully by the French Poclane factory.

  Because of the application of hydraulic technology, in the 1940s there was a hydraulic backhoe mounted on the tractor suspension type excavator.

  The three most important parameters of excavator maintenance are operating weight (mass), engine power and bucket capacity.

  When insufficient, add enough Z to check whether the suction pipe is broken, whether the joint is loose and other similar phenomena, which will cause partial or serious pumping of the oil pump;

  Check whether the oil suction filter is blocked or flat. If so, replace it.

  (2) Check the four oil filters again.

  If multiple metal powders and particles have been damaged, the hydraulic pump is compared for maintenance.

  (3) In fact, in addition to hydraulic pump damage, other enterprise executive components or bearings and other damage will also make the oil return filter element has a lot of research on metal powder and particles, but this is to discuss the whole machine technical action fault analysis reasons, so other non-public management parts of the main components can be ignored.

  But sometimes the hydraulic pump due to long-term development and use of different causes of excessive wear and tear of students, so that there is no obvious abnormal change in the oil return filter element, but it will still cause machine equipment failure, which we must continue to pay attention to.

  If the first two kinds of inspection is not abnormal, the pilot oil pressure should be checked at this time, causing the pilot oil fault fault points are: pilot pump, pilot oil outlet filter element, pilot oil relief valve, other parts of the oil leakage, such as the pilot oil pressure is found insufficient, should follow the principle of easy to find, and then troubleshoot.

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