Introduction to Excavator Operation: The Role of Each Part of the Excavator

Introduction to Excavator Operation: The Role of Each Part of the Excavator

by Katrina Zhang on February 11, 2022 Categories: Repair Technology

 Many people want to learn to operate an excavator, but they feel very complicated, worried about whether they can learn, hesitant, in fact, as long as they learn step by step and carefully, they can learn.

Of course, everything is difficult at the beginning. We should first strengthen our confidence in learning, rather than flinch before we have a careful understanding of it. It is not only driving an excavator, but also other things that you may find difficult to learn.

  Without further ado, today I will give you a brief introduction to the role of each part of the excavator. This is the first step to learn to open the excavator. The first step is to know your partner, or how can you carry out the follow-up operation? Next, I will combine some pictures to share with you.

Excavator front-end working device part (scientific name)

We can see that most of the names in the pictures are scientific names, and some names are different in some places.

The boom, also known as the boom, and the boom cylinder, also known as the boom cylinder;

Extensor arm, also called forearm, arm;

Like a person's hand, a bucket is like a person's palm.

The layout inside the cab

Left and right walking lever and pedal, you can control the direction and strength of walking

Interior lights are used for night light and, like a car, you can drive it without starting it unless you turn off the power switch.

Broken hammer is used to smash glass, standard.

There is a bulldozer excavator and a bulldozer operating lever on the right hand side.

Speed control lever, commonly known as manual throttle, generally small excavators and some old excavators only have, now the new excavators are electronic throttle knob.

Control switch button

The switch of each brand of excavator is different, but "the change is the reason". If you see more, you can guess what it is used for. If you really can't press and try, you will know.



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