Komatsu 360 Excavator Suddenly Becomes Weak, Fault Code E15 Solution

Komatsu 360 Excavator Suddenly Becomes Weak, Fault Code E15 Solution

According to the owner's account, his Komatsu 360 machine has not had any major failures since the day it was bought, so it can be said to be very worry-free.

Just two days ago, the operator reported that the machine suddenly became weak while working! In order not to delay the construction progress, the operator first checked it and found no obvious faulty parts. At this time, the code E15 appeared on the monitoring panel; the fault code was E97B. Fearing that the malfunction would worsen rapidly, the operator immediately notified the owner to look for a repairer for repairs.

Troubleshooting method:

1. After the maintenance master arrives at the site, first inspect the machine, and the fault disappears after restarting.

2. Since there were no other failure points and failure phenomena, after the machine continued to work for several hours, the same failure was observed to reappear. The maintenance master replaced the fuel filter element after checking the relevant circuit.

3. The owner checked the maintenance records and found that the fuel filter element had only been used for 256 hours, and there were no large impurities.

4. After cutting the replaced old filter element on site, the maintenance master found that the filter paper of the filter element had turned black, and there was black sticky substance on the surface of the filter paper.

Analysis of the cause of the failure:

Since the brand and quality of the filter element are products of regular manufacturers, the quality is assured, so according to the situation of the old filter element, the reason is analyzed as the fuel quality is poor.

The maintenance master asks the owner to fill up with quality-assured fuel, and he needs to continue to observe for a period of time! The subsequent failure phenomenon and failure code did not reappear! Explain that the cause of the fault lies in the fuel.

I shared with you all about the sudden weakness of the Komatsu 360 excavator and the solution to the fault code e15. Many people can solve the problem of excavator failure after using it.

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