The Filter Element Is One of the Culprits Affecting the High Temperature of the Engine!

The Filter Element Is One of the Culprits Affecting the High Temperature of the Engine!

  The weather in August is really getting hotter and hotter. If you want to ask what is the most precious thing in this season, the answer must be a breeze! The high temperature is not only unbearable, but also the enemy of construction machinery! Especially for some old machinery, various problems frequently occur or even go on strike when the hot season comes. . . Ten thousand words are omitted here! This issue will analyze in detail what is the cause of the engine's high temperature!

  Before I write this article, I would like to popularize the past and present of diesel engines. Diesel engine is an engine that burns diesel oil to obtain energy. It was invented by German inventor Rudolf Diesel in 1892 and has a history of more than 100 years! To commemorate his diesel engine is also called Diesel engine!

Rudolf Diesel

  In fact, an engine is very similar to a human being. There are also noses and mouths, as well as metabolism, birth, old age, sickness and death! For example, the air intake system and air filter of the engine are equivalent to the human nose and air pipe, the fuel tank and diesel fuel of the engine are equivalent to the human mouth and food and water eaten, and the engine oil is equivalent to the human blood and so on. It is impossible for people to eat whole grains without getting sick. It is even more difficult for the engine to run at high load every day. Therefore, how to prevent malfunctions is the top priority!

   Principle of action of filter paper

  In fact, the reasons for the high temperature of the engine are nothing more than air, water, and oil. Put it all together is friction! Below we will focus on what is worth noting about the influence of air on engine high temperature! Avoid the radiator and the intercooler, let's talk about the air filter element, an important part of the engine's intake system! Of course, there are many types of air filter elements, such as dry and wet, inertial centrifugal, metal paper and so on. No matter what its purpose is to filter all dust particles and moisture in the air, to ensure the absolute cleanness and dryness of the engine intake. The air filter element is equivalent to the nose of the engine. The importance of clean air to humans is self-evident, and it is also vital to the engine! It directly affects the life of the engine. The dust removal rate of the air filter element must reach 99% or even higher, and the filtered particles also have purification requirements!

SINOCMP Air Filter

  The importance of pure parts to engines

  But even such important parts are still ignored by most machine friends. Why do you say that? Because most of the time when choosing maintenance parts, many choose sub-factory parts without quality assurance or even fake and inferior air filters and untimely maintenance! Nowadays, counterfeiting technology in an environment of interest is heinous! They all look the same on the outside. In fact, the quality of the filter paper inside is very different. The main reason is that the filter pore size does not meet the filtering requirements, and the use time is greatly shortened. Everyone knows that the air inlet is oscillating, and the frequency of oscillation is very high. High, poor filter paper. The burr itself will be sucked into the engine when it oscillates back and forth. Due to the uneven pore size and large pore size, it will seriously affect the cleanliness of the engine intake. It is also very important to clean the air filter in time. Insufficient air intake of the engine affects the mixing of oil and gas. If there is too much oil without enough air to support combustion, black smoke will be emitted, resulting in insufficient power, and symptoms of difficulty in starting and starting jitter. This is also the original intention of this post. ! In addition, if you do not replace or clean the air filter for a long time and find that the air filter is very clean, you should pay attention! Because it is possible that the filtration performance is not good, don't be careless!

  In summary, the influence of air filter on the engine is very important! It is also one of the culprits that cause the high temperature of the engine!

  Dozens of dollars can be used repeatedly for a year, which is very cheap.

  Just use this post to tell you that you must find regular sales channels to buy air filters, buy original parts and large parts! Don't be cheap! If you cheat the engine, the engine will cheat you!

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