Tips for Maintaining a Turbocharger

Tips for Maintaining a Turbocharger

The rental boss is most afraid of problems with the engine of the excavator, because the components on the engine are both sophisticated and expensive! Especially the turbocharger, an important part connected to the engine. It is no exaggeration to say that as long as the turbocharger is properly used and maintained, it will not only reduce the probability of engine problems, but also make the engine more powerful!

Working principle

When the engine speed of the excavator increases, the exhaust gas discharge speed and the turbine speed also increase synchronously, and the impeller will compress more air into the cylinder. When the pressure and density of the air increase, more fuel can be burned. Adjusting the engine speed can increase the engine's output.

Turbocharger use and maintenance

After the excavator is hired for the first time during the rental work, the engine speed cannot be increased immediately. It must run at idle for three minutes. This is to allow the turbocharger to be fully lubricated before the excavator works normally.

When the excavator is rented for one day and the engine speed drops from high speed to idle speed, it cannot stop immediately. This is because under the condition that the turbocharger rotates at a high temperature, if the turbocharger turns off, the turbocharger shaft and the shaft sleeve are very It is easy to be damaged due to bite. At this time, the engine should be idled for three minutes before the engine is turned off, and then turned off.

The turbocharger should always be checked for abnormal noise or abnormal vibration, and the turbocharger lubricating oil pipe and joints should be checked for leaks. If there is, it should be repaired as soon as possible to prevent the lack of oil lubrication leading to the turbocharger. damage.

The engine oil must be kept clean, and the turbocharged engine requires relatively high oil. It must be kept clean. In addition, if the oil is deteriorated, it must be replaced in time, otherwise the lubricating capacity of the oil will be reduced, which will cause insufficient lubrication of the supercharger bearings and increase damage Maintenance costs have even caused the turbocharger to be scrapped prematurely.


Under normal circumstances, as long as the maintenance is performed properly, there will be no major problems. If the maintenance is not used according to the regulations, the turbocharger will soon be damaged and smoke or abnormal noise will appear.

In general, if the turbocharger is damaged, the main reason is the impeller shaft (the standard value of the axial clearance of the turbocharger impeller is 0.06-0.09MM, the limit value is 0.11MM. The standard value of the radial clearance is 0.10-0.17MM, The limit value is 0.25MM).

The owner of the excavator rental knows that the maintenance work of the excavator must not be neglected. Otherwise, the failure will not only deal with the trouble, but also delay the construction period. Strong!

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