What Do the Letters of Each Brand and Model of Excavator Mean?

What Do the Letters of Each Brand and Model of Excavator Mean?

What do the letters of each brand and model of excavator mean? I believe that many people who do not know much about construction machinery have had such doubts. In fact, the letters and numbers of each brand model excavator have their specific meanings. After understanding the meanings of these numbers and letters, it will help to better understand the relevant information of the excavator.

Take these models as examples, 320D, ZX200-3G, PC200-8, DH215LC-7, I believe that after the explanation, everyone will understand what these letters and numbers mean.

The 320 in the Caterpillar 320D, the preceding 3 represents the "excavator", each different product of Caterpillar is represented by a different number, for example, "1" is the grader, "7" is the articulated truck, "8" is the bulldozer and "9" is the loader.

Similarly, the letters in front of the brand excavator represent the manufacturer's excavator code, Komatsu "PC" is the excavator, "WA" is the loader, and "D" is the bulldozer. Hitachi's excavator code name is "ZX", Doosan's excavator code name is "DH", Kobelco is "SK".

After talking about the previous letters, it should be the next digit "320D". What does 20 mean? 20 represents the tonnage of the excavator. The tonnage of the excavator is 20 tons. In PC200-8, 200 means 20 tons. In DH215LC-7, 215 means 21.5 tons, and so on. The letter D after 320D indicates which series of products, Caterpillar's latest series should be E series products.

PC200-8, -8 represent the 8th generation products, but some manufacturers may sell directly from -7, -8 because the establishment time is not long, so the meaning of this number means for many domestic manufacturers It may not make much sense.

These are basically the basic composition of an excavator model, representing the numbers or letters of the excavator + the tonnage of the excavator + the series of excavators / the first generation of excavators.

In addition, some foreign manufacturers adapt to the specific working conditions in China, or some manufacturers produce products for specific working conditions in the model, such as DH215LC-7, where the meaning of LC is to lengthen the crawler, generally used for construction The condition of the ground is soft. In 320DGC, "GC" means "ordinary construction", including earthwork, sand and gravel mining (density ratio cannot be too high), highway construction, and general railway construction. It is not suitable for environments like hard quarries. The "ME" in the Carter 324ME indicates a large-capacity configuration, including a short boom and an enlarged bucket.

Symbol-plus number (such as -7, -9, etc.)

Japanese and South Korean brands and domestic excavator models can often be seen-with a number logo, which indicates the first generation of this product model, such as -8 in Komatsu PC200-8 indicates that it is Komatsu's 8th generation model The -7 in Doosan DH300LC-7 indicates that it is Doosan's seventh-generation model. Of course, the history of many domestic manufacturers producing excavators is only 10 years, and naming their excavators as -7 or -8 is purely "following".

1. Letter L

Many excavator models carry the word "L". This L refers to the "extended crawler track". The purpose is to increase the contact area between the crawler track and the ground. It is generally used for soft ground construction.

2. Letter LC

LC is a more common symbol in excavators. All brands have "LC" style excavators, such as Komatsu PC200LC-8, Doosan DX300LC-7, Yuchai YC230LC-8, Kobelco SK350LC-8 and so on. "LC" here means that this model uses widened and lengthened crawlers. The purpose is also to increase the contact area with the ground, which is generally used in the soft working conditions of the construction ground.

3. Letter H

In the excavator model of Hitachi Construction Machinery, you can often see a logo similar to "ZX360H-3", where "H" indicates a heavy-duty type, which is generally used in mining conditions. Among the products of Hitachi Construction Machinery, the H-type adopts a rotary platform and a lower walking body with increased strength, and is equipped with a rock bucket and a front working device as standard.

4. Letter K

The letter "K" also appears in Hitachi Construction Machinery's excavator product models, such as "ZX210K-3" and "ZX330K-3", where "K" indicates a demolition type, and the K-type excavator is equipped with a helmet and front protection device to prevent Falling debris falls into the cab and is equipped with lower travel protection devices to prevent metal from entering the track.

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