What Is the Significance of Using GPS for Construction Machinery Equipment?

What Is the Significance of Using GPS for Construction Machinery Equipment?

Construction machinery is the most indispensable equipment in engineering construction. The quantity of construction machinery and equipment directly determines the progress of each project.For the project contractor, the cost of construction machinery and equipment is not small.

Generally speaking, the construction machinery market is at its peak from March to April every year. In order to catch up with the construction schedule, many contractors will purchase construction machinery and equipment for site use in these two months.These construction machinery equipment usually includes excavators, shovels, bulldozers, loaders, milling machines, graders, cement pump trucks and other equipment.

For the project owner, the cost of construction machinery is relatively large, is a valuable property, but also the guarantee of the project schedule.If the scheduling is not reasonable, it will not only cause idle and waste of resources, but also delay the project schedule.

In addition, if the construction machinery equipment appears stolen, for the contractor is also a large loss.Therefore, in order to better protect and manage these construction machinery equipment, construction machinery intelligence is an inevitable trend.Many construction machinery enterprises for their own construction machinery access to intelligent management.

With the rapid progress of modern information technology, all fields of production and manufacturing have undergone the process of "informatization".GPS as the core of data transmission and information control technology has also entered the construction machinery industry, many construction machinery equipment has been installed with GPS positioning.There are two main advantages of installing GPS locators on construction machinery equipment:

After the construction machinery is installed with GPS locator, the manager can check the real-time and specific location of the machinery through the platform.It can also monitor their working status, such as their driving route, location, working hours and even fuel consumption.

According to these information, the manager can accurately know whether the driver has illegal operations and other behaviors, which can be said to play a supervisory role on the driver, thus indirectly reducing the project operation cost.

At the same time, the alarm function of GPS locator, such as electronic fence alarm, machine dismantling alarm, can also protect the construction machinery equipment, prevent theft.For example, the equipment is divided into an area fence, when leaving the area, an alarm will be sent to the relevant personnel; Or if the GPS device is removed, it will send an alarm. These functions can better protect the construction machinery equipment, avoid loss caused by loss.

With the continuous progress of technological innovation, GPS positioning has become quite common in daily use. GPS technology has promoted the intelligent process of construction machinery industry, and it is believed that more and more construction machinery will use GPS equipment in the future.

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