Why Is the Oil Burning Abnormally?

Why Is the Oil Burning Abnormally?
Analysis of the cause of oil consumption


Increasing the oil consumption

  When the engine works, the oil lubricates all the important parts (such as turbocharger, piston, cylinder liner, etc.). In this process, some oil will be burned off, and some oil will be discharged from the breathing apparatus by the engine's high heat evaporation. When the engine appears suspected to be the phenomenon of burning oil, first of all, the correct method should be used for oil consumption detection, and the working condition of the engine should be detected (smoke exhaust, power, exhaust, etc.), and whether the engine is leaking oil.

  The oil consumption of excavator engine is in the normal range of 0.2% (2 liters of oil per 1 kL of fuel combustion).

  1. the engine parts with a certain tolerance range, the difference between the assembly tolerance of these parts, will lead to even the same type of machine oil consumption will be different.

  2. different equipment conditions, oil consumption may be different, the greater the engine load, the higher the temperature, the oil viscosity will decrease, the oil into the combustion chamber will increase.

  3. When the machine is working in an inclined or uneven place, the oil in the oil pan shakes back and forth, constantly colliding with the high-speed rotating crankshaft, forming a mist discharged from the vent to the outside, increasing the oil consumption.

Causes of abnormal oil consumption

  1. air filter oil filter lax replacement, dirty air, plate pollution of oil will cause abnormal wear of piston cylinder liner, will increase the consumption of oil.

  2. the use of inferior fuel, combustion chamber will produce carbon deposit and some harmful substances, will lead to abnormal wear of cylinder liner, piston, so that the oil consumption increased.

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