Why Will Excavator Caterpillar Drop Chain?

Why Will Excavator Caterpillar Drop Chain?

7 reasons to quickly understand why excavators derailed?

In order to quickly solve the excavator track derailment, the first thing to do is to find the cause of the fault, so that the remedy can be applied to the case faster after knowing the reason.

Excavator "chain drop" is generally caused by the following seven reasons.

1.The chain is dropped due to external reasons, and the crawler of the excavator enters the soil or stones and other impurities. After passing through the bumpy road, the crawler plate will be seriously unbalanced, and it is easy to fail.

2. The operation skills of the machine hand are not up to standard. When driving the excavator to turn or walk, the operation is improper, which will also cause deviant fault.

3. The four wheels are not in the same plane, causing the derailment of the track, which is usually caused by the damage of the guide wheel.It is necessary to carefully observe whether the screws on the guide wheel are missing or broken, and whether the slot of the card guide wheel is deformed, etc., and if necessary, the guide wheel needs to be replaced.

4. When the oil seal of the tensioning cylinder leaks oil and the spring of the tensioning device is broken, the track will be too loose, thus causing the problem of de-chain.

It should be timely to check whether the tightening oil cylinder forget to beat butter, see whether the tightening oil cylinder oil leakage problem.

5. When the chain guard is worn seriously, it will also cause the excavator to drop the chain. The chain guard plate cannot limit the track well, and the caterpillar plate swings too much, resulting in the drop of the chain.

6. The excavator is used for a long time and walks too much. The caterpillar must be worn, and the wear of the caterpillar chain, chain barrel and other parts will also cause the caterpillar to be de-chained.

7. For the gear ring of the drive motor, when the wear is too serious, it needs to be replaced in time, which will also cause the excavator to drop chain.

Here are two quick fixes to excavator derailments

1. One of the most common ways to install the excavator using the bucket.

First of all, the chain mouth should be removed, the butter released, so that the caterpillar is relaxed. Then, according to the situation, the excavator bucket and walking should be used to cooperate. The caterpillar can slide out of the caterpillar.

If the track slides inward out of the track, the bucket can't reach the track, which requires a wire rope that pulls part of the track onto the guide wheel or drive wheel, and then rotates the drive wheel.

Just the operation is need to pay attention to is that the excess distance of the track slack, should be more in the installation, it is easier to install.

After the position of the guide wheel and the driving wheel is installed, the most part of the track is basically installed. The position of the supporting wheel can be installed by jacking the idling track.

2. Step 1: Keep calm and calm when the dig derails, and remember to add butter first.

Step 2: in the construction site materials, find a steel pipe or spade, remember to find a longer one.

Step 3 : cleverly use the principle of the bar, with the digging bucket don't live steel pipe back a little to squeeze out the yellow meat!

Step 4 : and then use the steel pipe to support the chain sprocket here to straighten out, the chain here to support the sprocket, straighten it with the steel pipe.

Step 5 : continue to use the bucket don't hold the steel pipe to rotate the force to the limit, slowly back to feel stuck to make a sound, bucket adjustment continue to don't stay back.

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